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In this free course, you will discover how LifterLMS empowers you to easily create, sell and protect engaging online courses.

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Chris Badgett Chris Badgett Instructor

Family man, explorer, writer, loves cooking, deep work, and LifterLMS software CEO. Chris helps course creators and entrepreneurs unlock impact, income, and freedom.





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235 thoughts on “Build a Learning Management System with LifterLMS”

  1. Seppe says:

    Hi Chris,

    3 years ago you mentioned in this thread that frontend course creation by users was something you are working on. Any new developments on this feature?


    1. ali says:


      Frontend management is something that is possible with LifterLMS Groups: but we do not currently have frontend course creation and that is not on our current roadmap. Thanks for checking in!

  2. Hello LifterLMS Team,
    Firstly, a big thanks to you guys. You are doing a great favor to education around the globe. Secondly, is there any way to show clarification even when the correct option is selected. Most of our users have asked for this feature.
    Studyntest Team.

    1. LifterLMS says:


      We don’t currently have that feature, but you can submit a feature request here:!

  3. asad says:

    I have been using the free plugin. it supports only delfeat paypal gate way. I want to get your paid plugin that supports other like AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.. kindly let me know the charges and other details and process to get it. i also want to know that is your plugin capable to support other themes too. As my developed website is based on a custom theme.
    Kindly response ASAP Thanks in advanced

    1. codeBOX says:

      If you would like to accept credit card payments on your site you would want to use our Stripe integration:

      For PayPal payments you can also use our PayPal integration:

  4. alsec says:

    Looks interesting.

  5. Manuel Felipe Echavarria says:

    Hola muy buenas tardes, es posible cargar paquetes scorm en el LMS?

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Please contact Learning Templates about that:

  6. Evan says:

    Thank you. Taking the course on how to use the course software on the course software is ingenious. Or, just awesome common sense 🙂 I’ve installed it on a multisite for law firm website design and training. So far, it’s pretty slick. Looks easy to design on… I’m looking into customizing the front end template pages, specifically the join pages. Really want to draw people in to enroll. Drawing the calls to action out, etc. Looks doable. I found a couple docs already.

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Awesome Evan! Thanks for the kind words and keep up the great work. If we can be helpful in any way, please feel free to reach out.

  7. cindy says:

    hi! How can i add ‘power point’/ keynote to each lesson?

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Here’s one way to get your keynote into a LifterLMS lesson:

      If you can embed it in a WordPress post or page, you can place it in a LifterLMS lesson.

  8. jamesfinn says:

    Hi Chris, these notifications sliding in from the right, are they part of LifterLMS? Thanks.

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Yes they are.

  9. K. Hamilton says:

    I am setting up an online school that has weekly live video classes, along with prerecorded classes and content like reading materials, powerpoint presentations, youtube videos, etc. I am currently using WizIQ for the live classes, but I want a better LMS that allows students to have their own accounts on our website, rather than on wiziq.

    What im lost about is how to use this lms with live video classes and a whiteboard where you can upload lesson content, like videos, powerpoints, etc.

    Please help!

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hi K,

      For people who do “blended learning” with live video classes, they will often use a service like Zoom with their whiteboard feature, record the session, and post the recording in a a LifterLMS video lesson on the website.

      Does that help?

      Also please feel free to continue the conversation about this here in our Facebook group:

      1. Kelona says:

        Well, Im not sure. I need to be able to register students for the classes and the classes are live online classes they must attend. Is there a way to use Wiziq WITH LifterLMS on a wordpress website? I want all the learning management features, badges, etc. but I MUST have live video classes integrated with the whole system. Its great to add the recorded lesson to the library later, but will lifter and wiziq have to operate entirely independently?

        We are due to launch very soon and I a,m still struggling to get an LMS system setup that will work with the wiziq account we already have. Please help me if you can ASAP! Thanks so much.

        1. Chris Badgett says:

          Hi there,

          I’m not familiar with Wiziq, but if you can embed it in a regular WordPress post or page, you can place it in a LifterLMS lesson. Does Wiziq offer the ability to embed?

        2. Zac says:

          I’m not sure if this will help Kelona but I found this on wiziq

        3. Janice says:

          Hi Kelona,
          I was wondering if you were able to get this figured out. I too and wanting to do the same thing. I hope you are having a great success in your launch!

  10. Dr carey says:

    I wanted a patient portal with individual private content homepage with patient results, medications etc and private messages+ ability to complete forms (gravity forms) and membership restricted links to courses ( was planning to use Learndash and paid membership pro)
    You have a private content addon – does this provide unique private page for every user of your site and let the administrator add user specific content to the private page. Only the owner will be able to see these content
    Does this plug in work with Gravity Forms+ Beaver builder? and restrict access to pages on my wordpress site? Ie will your plugin eliminate the need for a membership plugin?
    Can I edit pages with Beaver Builder?

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Yes! Private Areas can work for your use case. It can provide a unique private page for every user of your site and let the administrator add user specific content to the private page.

      LifterLMS works well with Gravity Forms and Beaver Builder. We even have a Gravity Forms add-on for deeper compatibility and a free Beaver Builder lab in LifterLMS labs for deeper Beaver Builder compatibility.

  11. gerarendanainternet says:


    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Yes it works 🙂

  12. fgg says:

    Hi there,
    May I use other plug ins to customise the profile and login page along with LifterLMS
    Fred Gordon Grahams Junior

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hi Fred,

      Perhaps. I don’t have any known plugins to refer you to. Perhaps ask in the LifterLMS FaceBook community:

  13. svenja says:

    hey chris,

    i absolutely want to switch from wp courseware to lifterlms – great system!
    but now i have just seen that there is still no possibilty to import the courses from wp courseware to lifter lms…and i did read that you are already working on it. so – i want to know if this will haben in the close future or will be far away? would be great if i do not have to set up the courses once again…there are a lot…

    kind regadrs,

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hey Svenja,

      You are correct. LifterLMS does not have a one click import from another WordPress LMS system.

      For now you could reset up the courses in LifterLMS like I’m doing here

      Or you could work with a developer to do the “mapping” required to format your WP Courseware export into the format that LifterLMS can import it with one click. Here is more info on that:

  14. test says:

    Excellent way of explaining, and good piece of writing to obtain data about
    my presentation subject matter, which i am going to deliver in academy.

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Thank you!

  15. Thomas says:

    I see a “My Courses” Section in my menu. Is this from the LMS Press plugin? I have the LifterLMS and installed the LMS Press at one time and decided to deactivate and delete it.

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Yes. LifterLMS creates a page called “My Courses.” If a user is not logged in this page will have a log in form. If they are logged in they will see their student dashboard on this page.

  16. webcopada says:

    Very helpful!

  17. opensynergysup says:

    I have created five courses and published them. I got them in the My course page but when I click any of the courses, it will lead me to a page of the course structure showing all of the five. I want to see only the structure of the one I selected. How can I fix this?

    Plus, I can’t make the course sidebar work. I am using the twenty seventeen theme. Is it a theme compatibility issue? Can advise how to fix?

    thanks a lot!

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hi there,

      When you click on a course on the student dashboard, it should go to just that course.

      If you are having trouble with the LifterLMS sidebars I would encourage you to check it out Super Sidebars.

      If you need more technical support from the LifterLMS developers, please post your tech support issue for free in the community forums or if you are a LifterLMS Pro Member or have purchased any add-on from LifterLMS, please log into your account here and submit a support ticket.

  18. ss0530 says:

    Few more-

    I’m dripping out content each week. I have this all set up.

    1. I have current clients that are passed week 1. How can I “override” the drip in their account so they can view the content at the point where they are now?

    2. Can I schedule an email to be sent out each week to let them know they can know to check for content? Or will I have to do that with the mailchimp integration?

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      1. Perhaps you need prerequisites and not drip?

      2. You could do that with the LifterLMS email engagement system. Just put a delay on the emails from the course enrollment trigger.

      Also I invite you to come join us in the LifterLMS VIP facebook group.

  19. ss0530 says:

    I have created an online course in like an hour! Super simple! Thanks for that! I actually do counseling and take my payment up front using stripe over the phone during out initial call. I don’t require my clients to order online so no need for a e-commerce/stripe intergration or a payment or a course access plan. There is no “set price” as it all depends on the number of coaching sessions but everyone is privy to the course materials.

    So… how do I add them as a student manually? The only way I seem to be able to “pull them in” is if I add the student as a “user” to my wordpress site and then apply the membership to their user account. I don’t feel comfortable with this option. Also that doesn’t give me a way to automatically send out an email with their username and password.

    Is there a work around for this? Let me know. Thanks, Sarah

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for the kind words!

      Perhaps you could use the LifterLMS vouchers so your people can activate on their own:

    2. malissa says:

      Sarah interested in the counseling training site. What is the name?

  20. Herman C says:

    I have a blackboard course. I have built a website with plans to host online courses. I have installed LifterLMS plugin for WordPress. I want to use previously used blackboard course materials for the new course to be housed in LifterLMS. How can a Blackboard exported package be uploaded into LifterLms?

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      LifterLMS does have import abilities, but if you are not importing a LifterLMS course from somewhere else, you will need to do some formatting and mapping of the course like you see in these instructions:

  21. UfU says:

    You guys are the MVPs!!

    A few quick questions.
    If we are building a website, oriented around letting the users create their own courses.
    – Is Dashboard access required? no front end editor?
    – Do all the “Teachers” have access to all the content> (courses and lessons)
    – is it possible to limit access to their own content only?
    – Is it possible to have front end, content creation?

    thanks from the team @ Universal Flow University

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hi UfU,

      Currently we don’t have an advanced teacher role with front end course creation like you describe. It’s on our roadmap to add a lot of functionality around this. Currently you can have a course author that can edit the course in the back end of WordPress, but the role is not super developed to lock down to specific courses.

  22. Adrian says:


    I installed your plugin and activate, but when I looked to my website, I couldn’t see pages created. My website still has classic WordPress look.

    Is any other setting to be done after I activate your plugin?

    I’m not very experienced with WordPress, so, please apologies for my dummy question.

    Thank you

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Good to hear from you! Perhaps you still need to go through the quick setup wizard:

    2. UfU says:

      Turn on BuddyPress and BBPress, that did the trick for us

  23. Jerry Jones says:

    1) Would this plugin work for a small family reunion? (Approx 100 people). There will be a few variables in registration – type of housing desired, number of people in family, etc.

    2) Is it possible to change text? For example, where “Lesson xx” would usually be, can we change that to “housing option xx,” etc.

    3) Finally, is it possible to create a registration form in Excel and then upload it to this plugin? Thanks much for your kind attention. I love what I am learning about LifterLMS.

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hey Jerry,

      It’s great to hear from you!

      LifterLMS is more of an online education platform. It’s not really a family reunion management system.

      If you are doing an event like that you might check out:

      Please let us know if you have further q’s.


  24. forcesofwealth says:

    Hi Chris,

    I left off at How to Use Section but I can’t access the course. It keeps redirecting me to this link

    What am I doing wrong here?

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Make sure you’re logged in here:

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